Top 10 Free Android Emulators for PC Windows 10/7/8/8.1, Mac

Top 10 List for Android Emulators for PC: Hello, readers, there are many interesting android apps which are not available for PC/Laptop. But due to increase in technology many users want these applications to be installed on their PC/Laptop. Yes, there are Android emulators which support your PC/Laptops to install these applications on your PC/Laptop. Here in this article am going to discuss the top 10 best Android Emulators for PC, Laptop & Android Emulators for Windows 10, Windows 7/8/8.1/XP/Vista, Mac 32 & 64-bit version devices.

What is An Android Emulator: Android Emulator is a software which supports your PC/Laptop to install Android applications on your PC/Laptop. There are a lot of reasons to download Android Emulator before you install your Android app on your PC/Laptop. Many users find comfortable while playing a game on PC/Laptop as they want to use mouse and Keyboard. You can also call Android Simulators. However, you have to choose correct emulator which supports your PC/Laptop.

List of Top 10 best Android Emulators for PC/Laptop  – Windows 7/8/8.1/10

Here are my best Android Emulators for PC Windows 10, 7, 8.1, 8, PC/Laptop List.

  1. Nox App Player
  2. Bluestacks
  3. MEmu
  4. KoPlayer
  5. Andyroid
  6. WindRoy
  7. GenyMotion
  8. Droid4X
  9. YouWave
  10. Remix OS Player

I will explain complete detail about the above top 10 Android Emulators for PC Windows 10, 7, 8, 8.1.

Popular Android Emulator for PC – NOX App PlayerNOX App Player is one of the best Android Emulator available for your PC/Laptop. You can have powerful experience by using this emulator. This includes many features and utilities to help gamers.

android emulators for pc nox


  • It is free of cost any one can download from Google Play Store.
  • The features of this emulator are stable and reliable.
  • It has a capacity to assign ‘swipe right’.
  • You can have one click root hide/unhide like enable or disable root.
  • It has an ability to specify the CPU Processor & Ram size (which is great for gamers).
  • NOX App Player provides Keyboard mapping for touch input (which define the areas where touch is to be simulated.
  • It has an inbuilt GPS Emulation which you can play GPS related games such as Pokémon Go directly inside the game.
  • You can also use Gamepad to play games on NOX App Player.
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My Best Android Emulators for PC Windows List – Bluestacks is The Best

Bluestacks is one of the most mainstream emulators of all Android emulators. PC/Laptop users most widely use it as Android emulator or Android App Player. It utilized by many users because of its unique feature called one-click installation. It is available for both Mac and Windows Operation Systems. Here is the popular game: Bluestacks Pokemon Go.

android emulators for pc


  • It is available for free (only specific regions).
  • One-click Installation (online installer and Offline installer are available).
  • It allows you to install all applications for your PC/Laptop.
  • Also, you can easily install 3rd party APK files.
  • You can run all Android applications without any external Virtual Desktop Application.
  • Live Streaming of your Gameplay also available.
  • Inbuilt Pay store.

Best Android Emulator for Windows 10, 7 – MEmuMEmu is an upcoming emulator available for PC/Laptops. It is a product of Microvirt Co. Ltd, and it supports multiple hardware configurations with no compatible issue. MEmu supports both Intel and AMD chipsets. It is an excellent alternative for all the system user to play games. MEmu supports Android Jelly Bean, Kit Kat, and Lollipop and it allows you to run multiple instances at a time.

android emulators for pc


  • It is available for free.
  • No compatibility issues.
  • It has Touch emulation which enables you to play Android game on your PC/Laptop with Keyboard, Mouse or even Joystick.
  • Supports multiple Instances at a time.

My Favorite Android Emulator for PC – KO Player

KO Player is a newly developed android emulator for PC/Laptops. It mainly focuses on productive gaming. It has an Inbuilt Google Play Store in it. It has an adaptable resolution which makes you view HD videos on YouTube, Netflix, etc.

android emulators for pc


  • It allows you to use Keyboard mapping to emulate a controller.
  • It is available for free.
  • It doesn’t provide any fit issues unless your system configurations are small.
  • You can upload the games whenever you want.
  • It allows you to run with multiple accounts.
  • You can record your android emulation and save the video.
  • Your system should have good RAM and good Graphics Memory.

Free Emulator for PC, Windows – Andyroid (Andy OS)Next emulator of our list is Andyroid which is an entirely free emulator available in the Google Play Store. It has unique features in which you can control your games using mobile phones. Now it is known as Andy OS.

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android emulators for pc


  • It is available for free.
  • First emulator to control the game using your mobile phones.
  • It is based upon the Oracle Virtual Box.
  • It doesn’t provide any compatibility issues, and your system doesn’t slow down.
  • Andy Os allows you to play games on Big Screen.

Free Emulator for PC, Laptop, Windows – WindRoy

WindRoy is different emulator available in this list because it runs on Windows Kernel. It does not require any external Virtual Box like any other Emulators. Note that the path where you want to install WindRoy must not contain any space. It works best in the older version of windows.

android emulators for pc

Features :

  • It is mainly designed for gaming and productivity.
  • You can able to run office applications smoothly through this emulator.
  • Game support is less reliable on this emulator.

Free Working Emulator for Windows 10 – GenyMotionEach Android emulator is not designed for a gamer but also for personal use. Many of them are designed for development and professional purpose. GennyMotion is such kind of app which is designed for developers to test their apps or games on various devices.

android emulators for windows PC

Features :

  • It available for free and also for available has paid options.
  • It offers their service for free for personal use.
  • It is built on x86 Architecture, and hence it is faster than many Emulators when compared.
  • GennyMotion has advanced features like OpenGL and has hardware acceleration support.

Free Emulator for Windows 10/7/8/8.1 – Droid 4X

Droid 4X is such kind of emulator which has many ups and downs. Perhaps, it is most compelling and exciting application available in the Google Play Store. It runs similar fashion as Andy OS. It balances between its features and its lag free operations.

android emulators for pc


  • It is available for free.
  • It is designed for gaming and productivity.
  • Droid 4X runs on both Windows and Mac Operating System.
  • It comes with Pre-rooted installed Play Store.
  • Droid 4X is very fast, and it allows you to configure your keyboard as a controller.

Android Emulators for PC – YouWaveYouWave is oldest among all the emulator available in the Google Play Store ( Not First). It’s not updated for years. It is available in two versions (free and Premium version). The free version (which uses Ice Cream Sandwich) of YouWave contains ads which come in between while playing. The last update was in 2016. It makes it good for light gaming and productivity.

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  • Available in two versions Free and Premium.
  • Premium version available for $29.99 (no ads available in it).
  • The installation process is easy.
  • It supports Windows and Mac OS.
  • The major drawback being a lack of support and apps which have closed APIs will not work in YouWave.

Cost  Free Android Emulators for PC, Windows – Remix OS Player

Remix OS Player is one of the new Android emulator available for PC/Laptop. It is the only emulator that runs on Android Marshmallow in which other runs on Android Lollipop or Kit Kat. The installation process is straightforward. It has dual booting capability and use by many Android users. It is available for Windows PC/laptop.

android emulators for pc


  • It is available for free.
  • It has a user-friendly interface for gaming and productivity.
  • Default installs Google Play Store.
  • It doesn’t support AMD CPUs.
  • It supports keyboard mapping and you can you keyboard and mouse while playing games.
  • It is a bug-free emulator and runs any games on your PC/Laptop.

Summary of Best Android Emulators for PC: Make your own is an is such kind of emulator in which can make your own emulator. Yes, you can make your emulator. For this, you need to download a Virtual Box and then you have to download an image from You should follow some steps to setup your own emulator. It is most complicated work but it will make your emulator for your PC/Laptop. Make sure you follow any tutorial to make your Emulator.

Hopefully, you like this article which is currently the top 10 Best Android Emulators for PC Windows, Laptop. Most of them are compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8.1 & XP too. If you find any issues while installing or using any of the above Android simulators please comment below. Thank you.

Note: Please comment below if you have any queries.

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