Blue Light Filter for PC, Laptop on Windows 7/8/10/8.1/XP & Mac

Blue Light Filter for PC, Laptop Windows – We all know that the light rays which penetrate into eyes can be beneficial or sometimes it may be harmful because as the illuminating rays would be strong sometimes. The Blue light would be so strong which enters deeper than natural light and even you can observe that our computers reflect blue light daily. This light wouldn’t affect much in the daytime but your eyes would affect in the night as you need to change the brightness level according to the usage. So, here is the list of Top Best Blue Light Filters for Windows PC/Laptop.

Microsoft has taken more concern about the users and has come with a Night mode feature. But, this feature has come with only Windows 10. So, for all other Windows Operating System users, you need to download other Applications which are available. Many users have asked me about the best Blue Light Filters for Windows so follow this complete article to know the best filters available.

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Best Blue Light Filter for PC, Laptop on Windows 7/8.1/10/8/XP/Vista & Mac


Iris is one of the Top Best Blue Light Filter for PC on Windows users. Iris changes the screen brightness according to the daylight and its special feature as it includes candlelight when required. Iris always helps you to adjust the brightness level according to the usage. Iris application is available in a freemium version as Iris Lite and also the premium version with more features. This application as more than 1 million users and also optional dedicated hardware for eye protection.Blue Light Filter for PC

Pango Bright

Pano Bright is a special application to adjust the Blue Light Filters on Windows PC/Laptops. Pano Brit adjusts mainly in the late-nights as the daylit decreases. You can adjust the brightness level easily in the application itself and even if you put the brightness level at 10% that would give you the best screen set. Pano Bright Application is small in size as 100KB. You can control brightness for more than one computer.

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F.lux is free for Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS application for all the users. You can download this application directly from the official website. F.lux doesn’t make the user worry about the brightness level as it changes according to the daylight automatically. Available for many platforms than other Blue Light Filter Applications.

Top Blue Light Filter for PC | Blue Light Filter for Laptop on Windows & Mac


SunsetScreen is a free application for Windows users and it is used more for the late-night users mainly. Protects your eyes mainly by limiting the brightness level as low as possible. You can also use this application to change the brightness level in the daylight. SunsetScreen allows you to set the time according to Sunset and Sunrise. So you have total control over your sleep cycle.


Redshift makes the users adjust the color temperature according to the temperature. You can observe different colors in the daytime and in the night. You can use either of the applications smoothly and adjust the brightness level of your PC/laptop. RedShift gives you the best screen light when compared to the other applications.

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Daylight contains Ultraviolet rays and the natural blue light but this light rays would not affect our eyes as they are natural to illuminate. But sometimes these Ultraviolet rays affect our eyes and we protect by wearing sunglasses. The Blue Light enters deeper than natural light and affects our retina. So, it is better to use the Blue Light Filter for PC, Laptop on Windows 7/10/8/8.1.

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