List of the best Cute Cool & Funny Instagram Captions for Friends, Couples, Girls

Cool & Funny Instagram Captions for Friends, Girls: These days the usage of the Instagram app has been increased in a very short span of time due to its featured content. People have chosen Instagram as the best platform to showcase their talents. Add friends by tapping on follow button and ask your friends to follow you. If you don’t want to make your profile visible to all the Instagram users then you can check out the privacy options. Using Instagram, people can share photos or video on their wall.

Anyone in your friend list can check out the photos and videos in order to like or comment on your posts. Any Android or iOS user can enjoy using this app on their device for free. Whenever we post some photo or video, the habit of adding Instagram caption is quite common. But for the newbies, it is a bit confusing to add Instagram Captions.

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Best Instagram Captions for Girls, Friends & Couples

These days people are very concerned about the Instagram captions as it is the one important factor considered by other followers while viewing the posts published by us. It is even very hard to think about the Instagram Captions as we always wish to choose the best one. So we have thought of providing the best, cool, funny, natural Instagram captions in this article.Instagram Captions

All the list of Instagram captions provided here may suit the post you publish on your Insta wall. Check out the matching caption for your photo or video and paste it over there so that the viewers could assume that you are a professional Instagram for PC user.

Cool Instagram Captions:

  • You’re doing it wrong.
  • Don’t be like the rest of them, darling.
  • I wasn’t lucky, I deserved it.
  • You think, this is a game?
  • Weekend, please don’t leave me.
  • Don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not strong enough.
  • Be who and what you want, period.
  • Stay strong, the weekend is coming.
  • You play Call of Duty? That’s cute.
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Clever Instagram Captions:

  • Lives change like the weather. I hope you remember today is never too late to be brand new.
  • Dear vegetarians, if you’re trying to save animals, then why are you eating their food?
  • A recent study has found that women who carry a little extra weight live longer than the men who mention it
  • Life is short false; it’s the longest thing you do.
  • Work until your idols become your rivals.
  • A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it. A dumb person creates it.
  • Some days start better than others.

Funny Instagram Statuses:

  • When nothing goes right, go left instead!
  • I need a six month holiday, twice a year.
  • There may be no excuse for laziness, but I’m still looking.
  • A blind man walks into a bar… And a chair… and a table.
  • I don’t always surf the internet, but when I do, eyebrows!
  • Yesterday, I changed my WiFi password to

If I was funny, I would have a good Instagram caption.

  • I think you are lacking vitamin me!
  • What if I told you, you can eat without posting it on Instagram.
  • Ladies, please.
  • Need an ark? I Noah guy.
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Cool Instagram Statuses:

  • Whatever you do in life, make sure it makes you happy.
  • The question isn’t can you, it’s will you?
  • What do you think of the view?
  • When I feel a little down, I put on my favorite high heels and dance.
  • I liked memes before they were on Instagram
  • That moment when you realize your childhood is over.
  • Friday, my second favorite F word.
  • I’ll never try to fit in. I was born to STAND OUT.

I hope you have enjoyed the list of the best Funny & Cute Cool Instagram Captions for Friends, Couples, Girls etc.

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