Google Duo Apk Download for Android Free Latest Version

Google Duo Apk Download is the best one on one video calling app that I have ever heard of. This app is going to be launched very soon. Speak to your beloved and experience the talk as if you’re truly in front of them. Be it an Android phone or an iPhone, you can just speak with everybody with one single app. Before starting with calling, check how best you look and click on the button before you start the call.

Yes, this is the unique feature what Duo has introduced, that means when you actually start calling, you’re live video can be seen to the other person, to whom you’re calling to. Likewise, when you receive a call through Google Duo, you can see the persons live video and see how and in what mood the person is; now it’s up to you whether you want to take his or her call. So, Google Duo App gives you the complete freedom to express yourself before you get into a video call.

Google Duo App for Android not yet released – It’s coming soon.

Download Google Duo Apk for Android Free Latest Version

It is the fastest and a reliable calling app. Both its video and sound quality is amazing. You can mute the microphone while you want to speak with others during a video call. But Video conference is not possible in this app. Google Duo Apk is the most convenient and enjoyable app for your friends and family, where you no longer have to talk to others over phone without seeing them. This app is going to be made available on Google Play Store soon, so that you can just start using this app experience the app’s unique features. Google Duo has worked a lot with Web RTC for introducing this feature where the person has complete integrity to while accessing Video calls.

Key Feature of Google Duo APP for Android Download

  • Enjoy the fastest and best Video Calling experience with your family and friends.
  • Check your self and also the other person face and expression to decide whether you are ready to talk or not.
  • The app supports both Android and iPhones.
  • Mute the microphone while you are talking to other person.
  • Google audio and video quality makes the calling more delightful.
  •  Use your power to decide before answering the call.

Installation of Google Duo App on Android

To install Google Duo Apk, you can download directly from Play Store or if you do not have an account in Play Store, then just download its Apk file and start using the app. Here in this post, I will explain you how to install this app through Google Play Store.

  • Click on Play Store of your device.
  • On the search bar, type Google Duo.
  • You will find Google Duo app as mentioned coming soon.
  • Click on to it and press on Pre register.
  • Once you do this, you will be notified once the app is released.

That’s all, now share this good news about the app which is going to be launched very soon and wait for it to get started. I am sure that you will definitely like the app and enjoy the best ever video calling on your Smartphone through Google Duo Apk/App for Android.

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