Hola VPN for PC, Laptop on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista & Mac Computer

Hola VPN for PC: Hola is a very popular VPN software extension available for Google and Firefox. Hola allows you to browse blocked content from other countries like USA, UK, and much more. Sometimes you want to browse the blocked contact without using your proxy, then it’s necessary to use a secure VPN to prevent you from privacy. There are many VPNs available for all the platforms but you need a secure VPN so download Hola VPN on your system which is more secure than any other.

Hola VPN is an ad-free google chrome extension available for all the platforms. You just need to add that extension from the Google Chrome Store. Hola extension gives you proxy service and makes your internet browsing speed faster than the normal. You can easily browse the censored content or videos without using your proxy service. As it hides your proxy and then adds an unauthorized proxy to your device while you are browsing the censored content. You don’t need any advanced proxy configuration knowledge as Hola VPN does your work easily.

Features of Hola VPN for PC/Laptop

Since it is an extension you can download it easily to your device as you need to have a Google Chrome search engine or any other search engine which supports the Hola VPN software. This Hola VPN service has additional features than any other VPN services available.

  • Easy to Install on your device and as it is an extension you need to have a supported search engine to download.
  • It hides your proxy and adds another proxy to your device for safe browsing.
  • Also, enhance your browsing speed and gives the best result.
  • You can browse all the blocked content and censored content from any others countries easily without any glitches.
  • It also changes the IP address and unblocks the access to the domain.
  • Prevents from hacking and tracking attempts to your device.
  • Free to use and as great and cheap VPN services which offer
  • higher privacy than other VPN services.

Download and Install Hola VPN for PC/Laptop on Windows 8/8.1/7/10/XP/Vista & Mac

Hola VPN software is a most powerful VPN software as it is available to download for all the users easily. If you have a supported search engine then you can easily add Hola VPN software as an extension to your browser.

  • You need to have a Google Chrome Extension or any other search engine on PC/Laptop.
  • Search for ola VPN in the extensions which is available in the More Tools tab in the Google Chrome search engine.
  • Search for Hola VPN extension in the search bar. Verify the app icon and then click on it.
  • Now, you can see a label called Add to Chrome in the blue color at the top right.Hola VPN for PC
  • Click on it and it takes some time as it checks whether the app as added in the chrome browser.

After the installation of Hola VPN for PC on Windows 8/7/8.1/10/Vista & Mac Laptop, you can start using the Hola VPN services for the required websites and you need not worry about your IP address as the Hola VPN service changes all details and protect you from servers.

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