Nox App Player Pokemon Go Updated Version Latest – For PC Windows

Nox App Player Pokemon Go for PC, Windows: is an efficient and smooth running Android Emulator. That means, users who sit playing their Android apps and games like Pokemon Go on their mobile phone can now download this emulator on their PC and play the same on their PC’s bigger screen. This makes you more comfortable and an ease factor in all regards.  Here, in this Android Emulator you can install and play all the applications and games available on the Google Play Store. So follow the below method on Nox app player Pokemon Go.

And if any app or a game is not available on the Play Store, then you can even download it by getting its APK file and open it through Add APK option, available in this emulator. So, now you don’t have to sit for long hours in front of your mobile’s small screen, just download the apps and game which you would love to play them on this emulator and start the unlimited enjoyment. So guy’s below I am giving you the guide on how to download Pokemon Go using Nox App player(or bignox) on windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP, Vista laptop, computer.

For clear navigation, the emulator is supported with operational tips that will make your work easier. You can even connect game pads and other external controllers that will make you to enjoy you game with lots of fun. If you want to backup and restore the data of this emulator then that feature is also possible. Video recording, capturing pictures and taking screenshot can be easily done within this emulator.  You can turn on or turn off root mode whenever you like to do on this emulator.

Hence, with all the above exciting features all around in this App Player, you can just give a try using this emulator and I am sure that it won’t be below your expectations. A precise installation process is all mentioned in the below section as Nox App Player (bignox) is officially available on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP & Vista and Mac Computer.

Features of Nox App Player Pokemon Go for PC

  • Multiple windows can be opened simultaneously on this emulator.
  • Back up of your Nox data can be taken for future reference.
  • Root mode option can be used.
  • Capturing pictures, videos and taking screen shot can be done.
  • Emulator is supported with operational tips for better navigation.
  • You can even customize the side bar, which is menu bar of this emulator, as per your requirements.
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Nox App Player Pokemon GO for PC Windows 10/8.1/8/7 Latest Updated Version

Before starting the installation of Nox pokemon go, please check whether your system’s configuration is meeting the download of Nox App Player (bignox) minimum requirements. If yes, then make sure that your internet speed is pretty good, as this will help you to make the installation faster. Now below are the steps which you need to run while you Install Nox App Player on your PC and follow below steps on how to install Pokemon go using nox app android emulator.

nox app player pokemon go

  • At first, you need to download Nox App Player offline installer Setup file, which you can download it from its official website or even by clicking on the link mentioned in this post, you can straight away download the file.
  • Wait until it completes its download, then Nox App Player will open its window that will ask you to click on start icon. Simply click on it.
  • Then, all the files of Nox App Player offline installer will start getting stored and then once it gets completed; just launch it by syncing it with your Google account.
  • After finishing it, Nox App Player will be absolutely ready to get started.
  • Now download Pokemon Go APK updated Version latest free on your windows PC.
  • Now drag Pokemon Go APK file on your Nox App Player, Now it takes few seconds for successful installation.

That’s all, now after installing Nox App Player Pokemon Go for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP & Vista PC and Mac Computer; you can enjoy all your favorite apps and games with great watching experience and more picture clarity. Also, share this post link among your friends, so that they can also know the coolest way to play all your Android apps and game on your Windows and Mac Computer.

Download Nox App Player Pokemon Go for PC, Windows 8.1/10/8/7 32 bit & 64 bit Computer

Catching Pokemons had never been a reality other than watching on the TVs. The new game Pokemon Go which was launched recently by Niantic stormed the gaming and smartphone market. It was released on July 6, 2016 on the iOS and Android platform. It took people to their feet. Several people were seen walking through the streets looking for Pokemons. It is very much similar to the concept of Virtual Reality. The craze for the newly launched game is not yet over in most of the countries. The game has registered huge downloads and is currently played by more than 500 Million users. Gamers around the world are traveling through cities looking for their favorite Pokemons. The game is not yet completely released, only over 10% is surfaced in the gaming app. It brought some major changes in the lifestyle of those who never went out of their homes. They now walk on their feet and look for their favorite Pokemons.

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nox app player pokemon go

Popular features of Pokemon Go for PC Using Nox App Player Offline Installer

Some of the most popular features of the Nox app player Pokemon Go game include:

  • The game uses augmented reality to generate the image of Pokemons.
  • The gamers need to travel on their feet to make the player within the game walk which makes it feel real.
  • Some Pokemons are found near specific places like a water Pokemon is mostly found near water bodies. This feature made the game more interesting.
  • The game forced players to get out of their homes and walk on the street which helped several have a good morning walk.
  • The game contains team battles through which you can challenge your friends.
  • The Pokemons in the real world can be seen through your phone camera.
  • You can evolve your Pokemons to improve their combat power.

How to play Pokemon Go for Windows Using Nox App (bignox) Android Emulator

Play Nox App Player Pokemo Go Game on your PC: For playing the game, the user first needs to download the game from Google play store if on Android and from Apple Store if on iOS. Then, the user needs to create an account. After creating an account, the user needs to select and customize his avatar for the gameplay. This avatar will be identified as the user. Then the player’s avatar is shown in a map showing the current geographic location of the user. The map features various Pokemon, poke stops and Pokemon gyms. The players need to move within their real environment for the avatar within the game to move in that direction.

It is one of the most special features of the game that different species of Pokemons reside in different parts of the world. When a player encounters a Pokemon he just needs to throw a pokeball at the Pokemon by swiping it from the bottom of the screen towards the Pokemon. If the player successfully catches the Pokemon, he acquires the ownership of the Pokemon. The player is provided two types of currencies which he can use to improve the combat power of the Pokemon. The game is free to download and play in all the regions. The players, however, need to pay for purchasing poke balls and other items. The players earn experience points which increase the level of gameplay. After reaching level 5, the players can battle at any Pokemon gym and join any team.

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Nox Pokemon Go Game – Release in various countries and post-release response

The game was launched on July 6, 2016 in countries such as the USA, New Zealand and Australia. The game was released in the European countries in July 13. The first Asian country to launch this game was Indonesia. Gradually, the game was released in most countries of the world and is now officially available in almost all countries. The game received a huge positive response from the gamers all around the world and helped increase the revenue of Nintendo which is the official Pokemon franchise.

It also went on to be awarded as the best Mobile Game as well as the Best Family Game for the year 2016. The game quickly rose to fame as the number of downloads increased every day. It broke an all-time record held by Clash Royale and entered the list of most downloads by any app in the first week itself. In January 2017, the game amassed a revenue of $1 Billion being the fastest mobile app to do so.

Popularity and downloads of Nox Pokemon Go

The game became very popular within a short period and topped the download lists in the Google Play Store and the iOS App Store. It was downloaded more than 500 Million times and has become one of the most popular games ever. It was first released in the USA and occupied almost 5% of the Android devices there within 2 days of its release. It has become the fastest app ever to be downloaded so many times. However, the game lost some fraction of its users because of its lack of keeping up with the changes and new features.

The game stormed the smartphone market and is still a phenomenon for gamers and smartphone users. Although the game has lost much of its popularity, the developers have geared up to add new features to help it top the charts once more. It is surely one of the best-advanced games of today’s generation. Hope you have downloaded Nox Pokemon Go game.

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