Rufus for Mac OS X – Best Free Alternatives Download

How to use Rufus for Mac OS X – Booting your device means loading an Operating System into your Random Access Memory (RAM). You can see the reboot option on any of the devices as it is an inbuilt option. But sometimes you need to follow the instructions to reboot your Operating System. Sometimes you use another external application to reboot you Operating System which is safe and secure to use. Rufus is such a request which is used to boot your Mac devices safely.

Rufus is an external application to reboot your devices which help to create and format the bootable USB flash drives. Rufus creates flash drives such as USB keys, Pen drives, Memory Sticks, and much more as the drives which used to reboot the devices quickly. But Rufus needs some requirements to reboot your device as the first and foremost thing is you need a Rufus application on your device and ISO a supported Operating System.

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Rufus for Mac OS X – Best Free Alternatives Download

Also, you need to have an 8GB flash drive which is a minimum requirement to boot your system. Here in this article, I will explain to you How to use Rufus application to boot your Mac Operating System.Rufus for Mac

Download Rufus application from its official website as it is required to reboot your System. You need to prefer Rufus because of its features which format USB memory sticks FAT32/NTFS/exFAT/ReFS. Rufus also checks all the blocks which make an issue to your Operating System. Rufus is an Open Source application available for all the devices and also creates a broad range of ISOs on your device. So make it easy to use follow the step by step procedure to use Rufus on your Mac device.

Top Rufus for Mac OS X Alternatives

Below given are few of the best Rufus for Mac alternative one can download and use on their Mac OS X devices.

  • UNetbootin
  • DasBoot
  • DiskMaker X
  • UniBeast
  • Etcher
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How to Use Apps like Rufus for Mac OS X

  • To use Rufus you need to have an admin permission to make changes to your system hardware. Insert USB flash drive and now run Rufus on your system.
  • Rufus automatically detects the available partitions and finds the UFD which you are going to build.
  • As you run Rufus, you can see a window in which you have to select the Optical drive which is beside Create a bootable disk. Now you are requested to search for ISO image to use for your flash drive.
  • Rufus automatically modifies the best ISO image on your device and as soon as you complete click on start button to initiate the process. And you will get a warning as UFD data will be destroyed, Click ok to proceed.
  • The process gets to start, and it takes time depending on the ISO image size.
  • Now you are into the central part of the process as it copies the file portion and this would be the last step of the process.
  • After sometime double click on the external drive to check whether all files are copied or not.
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So finally, Rufus for Mac OS X Alternatives ends and eject the UFD and plug it into the device which you want to install the Operating System. Earlier we used to use CD/DVDs to reboot our system, but the tech growth makes us comfortable now. Make sure you use a minimum of 8GB USB flash drive.

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