Download Amazon Alexa for PC on Windows 8.1/10/8/7/XP/Vista & Mac

Amazon Alexa for PC: We were all intrigued when we first saw the artificial intelligence system J.AR.V.I.S. who caters for all of Tony Stark’s needs in the Iron Man movies. Many other sci-fi movies have made us yearn for a time when we could have an AI doing all our work for us. Amazon Lab126, a subsidiary of the online retail giant Amazon, has come close to achieving this goal. Amazon Alexa is an intelligent personal assistant designed by the company. It has many functions which include voice interaction, music playback, making a to-do list, setting alarms, streaming podcasts, playing audio books and access to real-time information like news and weather.

It originally ran on Amazon Echo and Amazon Echo Dot which are devices created by Amazon Lab126. In recent time apps for Alexa are available on Apple App Store, Google Play, and Amazon app store. The app allows you to sync with the device and give you access t install skills, control music, manage alarms and view to-do lists.

Download Amazon Alexa for PC on Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP &Mac

Amazon Alexa comes with skill kit option which lets developers create their own skills and voice command functions for Alexa which can be installed for free using the Alexa Skill Kit. If you are a software developer looking to get into the game there is a simple and informative tutorial available to inform you as to how to develop your own skill.

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Except for the smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Echo dot Alexa is also supported on devices like Amazon Firestick, Moto X4(phone), Amazon dash wand(Smart home device)  and Ford F-150 (automotive).

Features of Amazon Alexa for PC, Laptop

  • Run using a home Smart speaker sold by Amazon
  • A phone app available for iOS and Android to sync and access your Alexa device
  • Used to make a to-do list, playback music, play audio music, messaging, calling, weather and news.
  • Home automation which gives the device capability to interact with specific instruments of certain companies like Wink and Nest Thermostats

Download Amazon Alexa for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/XP/Vista & Mac Laptop

Though Amazon Alexa for PC has not yet made available it is estimated to arrive soon. After Apple’s launch of Siri for desktop with their recent macOS update and Google having tried Google Now or Chrome, Amazon is looking to bring Alexa into the desktop game. There was talk in 2016 between Lenovo and Amazon to integrate all of their devices with Alexa.Amazon Alexa for PC

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How to Install Amazon Alexa for PC on Windows 8/8.1/10/7 & Mac

Currently, the only desktop option available is to control your Alexa device from your PC via an app identical to the ones on your phones. Following is a step-by-step method to install Echo app on your desktops

  1. Visit the following link in your desktop browser
  2. Log in to your account if you are not already logged in.
  3. Plug in and turn on your Alexa device ( Echo, Echo Dot etc)
  4. Wait for the Echo’s ring light to turn orange. The Echo should appear in the Alexa web app as it did when you first ordered your Alexa device.
  5. Hold down action button on your Alexa device for 5 seconds
  6. Select your Wi-Fi network available in the web app
  7. Click connect and your device is synced to your computer

Amazon Alexa for PC has been made available across operating systems like Windows, Mac, and Linux users with the use of Raspberry Pi. The use of Raspberry Pi has made the virtual assistant more powerful than its other platforms. The code for the Raspberry Pi program has been made public by Amazon on GitHub. The system will allow the users to carry out the same functions that are available on their Amazon Alexa Device.

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We were all very impressed when Apple first came up with Siri because it gave us an insight into what Artificial Intelligence should incorporate. Amazon Alexa has taken that one way further and came up with an AI which can carry out daily chores for us. We can look forward to much better and inspiring developments in this field in the coming future.


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