Grand Battle Royale for PC on Windows 8.1/10/8/7/XP & Mac Laptop

Grand Battle Royale for PC: There have been many games in the past that have an option of multiplayer. This particular game, Grand Battle Royale for Windows has a unique factor that it can incorporate a huge number of online players into the game. All these players, strangers to each other, come together on a shared platform and play the game enthusiastically. With user ratings of 4.3, this is a game which has set new trends amongst the online gamers.

The game is all about surviving through all the ordeals and win to become the true king of Grand Battle Royale. It is set on a remote island that is lost in the sea. The user must compete with other players online to obtain a certaintype of weapon. The number of weapons is much less than the number of players and hence, it becomes a true competition. Using the chosen weapon, the players fight with each other on the platform.

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Downloading Grand Battle Royale for PC on Windows 8.1/10/8/7/XP/Vista & Mac Laptop

Before downloading Grand Battle Royale for PC, an appropriate cross-platform product has to be installed in order to run the Android applications on the personal computer. The Bluestack application is the sought after one for the Windows.Grand Battle Royale for PC

How to install Grand Battle Royale for PC on Windows 8/10/8.1/7/XP and Mac

  • First, download and installed an Android emulator (Bluestacks) on your Computer. Now, the personal computer can access all the applications that are Android-based.
  • Open the homepage of the software and search for Play store. Type the name of the game, Grand Battle Royale in the search bar.
  • This will result in a number of results being displayed. Click on the appropriate one and download and install the game.Grand Battle Royale for PC

Features of Grand Battle Royale for PC, Laptop

Just like any other game, it has innovative features which are stated as follows.

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There is a mysterious area around the island. It is called as The Zone. When the player is inside this zone, everything is well and fine but once the user is out then the problems start. The player is exposed to more dangers and is vulnerable to all sorts of attacks. Also, the health of the player reduces exponentially while he is outside the Zone.

The game gives the actual feel of weapons with a wide assortment of arsenal which includes assault rifles, pistols, shotguns and grenades. Using these, the user must fight off the competitors to emerge out as a winner.

The game has all the players assigned with block figures. This ensures that without compromising on the graphics, the total memory taken up by the game is reduced. Also, the block figures give a feel of Lego structures.

It uses basic control systems so that the player can actually concentrate on the game. The scenario where the players spend most of their time figuring out the controls is avoided.

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Also, having actual opponents as the competitors brings in familiarity. In the other games, where the software is the main opponent, it becomes difficult for the player to enjoy the game.


The above steps will help in easy installation of the Grand Battle Royale for PC on Windows 8.1/10/8/7/XP/Vista. If at all there are any errors while downloading, please share the particular concern in the comments section.


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