Sarahah Snapchat Linking Guide – How to link Sarahah to Snapchat Perfectly

Sarahah Snapchat – How to link Sarahah to Snapchat is one important query that everyone is interested to know. For which, this article has been written so that users get detailed information about how to link or put their Sarahah account to Snapchat.  Sarahah is a unique and today’s the most trending app. Since Snapchat is used by millions of users, everyone is looking forward to linking their Sarahah accounts to Snapchat. Even Sarahah is gaining huge popularity and many people are joining Sarahah Snapchat on a daily basis. So, using this guide you can also know how to link Sarahah to Snapchat and enjoy the feedback. You can Login on Sarahah Account.

Basically, in Sarahah, you can send feedbacks to anyone who is on Sarahah. It is a social networking site, as well as having its own application for easy access to Sarahah. It is developed by ZainAlabdin Tawfiq and was launched in the year 2002 February. Sarahah app is compatible with Android and iOS device, later it was released for other devices and operating system. You can download and install Sarahah on PC Windows.

sarahah snapchat

With Sarahah, one can know about their strengths and areas of improvement privately. This helps to improve the relationship with others by working on these feedbacks received on Sarahah app. In this, you can involve in two-way feedbacks, where you can send and even receives feedbacks from anyone anonymously. The app has a high concern for its privacy and security of the messages and only you can access them till you give permission to share these feedbacks to others. How to Register on Sarahah.

How to Link/Connect/Put/Add/Attach Sarahah to Snapchat

In Sarahah, if you like any comment, then you can add it to favorite by clicking on the heart symbol for future reference. With all such amazing features, Sarahah is being used by many people for their self-development and building good relations. And now, in this article, we are focusing on explaining you the steps involved in linking or connecting, adding Sarahah to Snapchat.

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Features of Sarahah Snapchat – How to Link/Connect Sarahah to Snapchat

  • The perfect way to know honest feedbacks.
  • Keeps high security and privacy over data.
  • Send and receive feedbacks.
  • Feedbacks can be seen by the user only until it is shared with other users.
  • Mark your most liked feedbacks for easy access.
  • Helps in understanding better about our key improvement areas.

How to link Sarahah On Snapchat & Follow Sarahah Snapchat Guide

There are two different ways to link Sarahah to Snapchat; so, users can choose either of them. If the first method does not work, then they can surely try out the second method and I am sure, you can easily link Sarahah with any of these methods. So let begin with the first method below.

Method 1: In the first method, users can just open Snapchat app on their devices and click on the Snap (this includes photo and video) that comes across while you open the app.

  • Then on the right-hand side, you can see various options on the app window. Select the paper-clip symbol and enter your Sarahah profile URL. The Sarahah profile URL will be like The example for such URL is
  • An important note here is, the complete URL should not have space in between. Else it will redirect you to Google search results.
  • After entering the URL, click on go and wait till your Sarahah profile gets loaded.
  • Always keep in mind that, the URL what you enter should not be copied or pasted. In fact, it shall be typed manually.
  • Once your Sarahah account get loaded, click on Attach to Snap option.
  • This will result in linking your Sarahah account to Snapchat account.
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Method 2: For trying method 2 for linking Sarahah to Snapchat, please follow the below steps.

  • Like the first method, open Snapchat app.
  • Then click on Snap of this app.
  • Now, click on Paper-clip symbol of the menu option of Snapchat.
  • This will open Sarahah search box tab, here you need to enter and click on Go or the search button.
  • This will result in opening of the Sarahah official website.
  • Here, you can see an option of Login/Register.
  • Click on that option and login into your Sarahah account. Others, who have not registered with Sarahah earlier, can register themselves by clicking here and then enter your Sarahah account to login.
  • Once you do that, you need click on the profile link, so that your Sarahah profile gets open.
  • The next step of this method is to click on Attach to Snap icon. This will result in linking your Sarahah account to Snapchat.
  • If you are still unable to link Sarahah Snapchat, then try this Method 3 as mentioned below.

Method 3: In this method first click on Snapchat icon of your device.

  • Then click on the Snap of the app.
  • Now, click on the paper clip icon which is on the right side of the image.
  • This will open a search box where you need to type Sarahah and select Go or the search button.
  • You will now be redirected to the Google search; here you need to select the first result in the Google Search.
  • A new tab will open showing your Sarahah website along with the option of the login/Register. Users who have not registered with Sarahah can use this option to register and for those who have already registered with Sarahah can login their account by clicking on the same option.
  • Now, click on the profile link and this will open your Sarahah profile.
  • There you will find the option called Attach to Snap. Select that to link your profile to Snapchat and this end the process of linking.
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Now, I hope you understood the three different ways to link your Sarahah to Snapchat account. You can try any of these methods for linking. If you still face any difficulty in linking Sarahah Snapchat and do write to us in the below comment box, we will make sure that your problem will get resolved by our suggestions. Using Sarahah is the best way to give honest and frank feedback to your friends who are in Sarahah.  It sends feedback to the receiver anonymously so that they get to know about where they lack and work on it accordingly. Moreover, this post on Sarahah Snapchat- how to link Sarahah to Snapchat will give your complete information about Sarahah and how to link it with Snapchat. So do try out these methods and share your experience.

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