WiFiKill for PC on Windows 8/8.1/10/7/Vista/XP & Mac Free Download

WifiKIll for PC Windows Suppose that you are doing some important stuff or work or doing some important project or watching some videos of your online training and suddenly you realize that your internet speed become slow due to which you are unable to continue with your important work just because some other person who is sharing the bandwidth of your network provider with you is using network connectivity for some other stuff.

So, you have two choices either you can switch to some other network provider or you can stop your work and wait until you start getting good internet speed but you might want to opt none of these two options. You need not worry because you have the third option that you can disable the wifi or internet connection of other people that are sharing the bandwidth with you, and you can do this with the help of WifiKill.

Download WifiKill for PC on Windows 8/8.1/10/7/XP/Vista & Mac Laptop

As mentioned above WifiKIll is the software which helps you to disable the wifi connection of some other people who are connected on the same network with you. It can be done with the help of hacking, it means you can easily hack into other’s device and turn off their connectivity.For your Pc, you just have to install Netcut (also known as WifiKIll for Pc), and you can do all of this awesome stuff.

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Features of Netcut (WifiKIll for Laptop)

Some of the important features of NetCut are as follows

  • This application also provides you wifi analyzer, with the help of wifi analyzer you can analyze the status of your wifi connection very easily
  • Most important part of this process is to know the IP address of the other device connected to the wifi network, and with the help of NetCut, you can easily know the IP address as well as the mac address of all the device.
  • This tools give you the complete information about another device that is connected to wifi like the brand name, time of connectivity and also allow you to change the Mac address of another device
  • It provides a very easy interface. So, it is relatively easy to understand the process and kill the wifi connection of other connected device.

Requirements of WifiKill for PC (NetCut) on Windows Computer

There are some basic requirements to run this software on your windows or mac operating system

  • If you are using windows operating system then you can install Netcut only on windows 7, windows 8, windows 8.1 and windows 10.
  • One of the basic drawbacks of this software is it does not run on Linux or Mac operating system.So, you need windows OS for Netcut
  • One of the major requirement is that your device and the device on which you want to disable the wifi must connect on the same network(or same wifi network)
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How to install& Use NetCut (WifiKIll for PC) on Windows 8/7/10/8.1 32 bit, 64 bit?

The steps are simple and straightforward

  • Download the NetCut software from the website. It is small in size and file that has to be downloaded is nearly 2 Mb of size
  • Installing of this software is very very easy and almost similar to any other software that you install every day on your personal computer
  • Open the Netcut software after the complete installation (If required you can restart the computer), and you can easily see the long list of all the connected device that are sharing the same bandwidth with your device.It will take some time to scan the connected device but rest assure it will display all devices on your screen.
  • now simply you have to click on the IP (IP of that device on which you want to disable the connection), and click on “Cut off(ready)” tab. That’s it, the targeted device will not get the speed. If you want you can also select all the IP address(i.e all the devices that are connected) and kill their connection at the same timeWiFiKill for PC
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You must have realized how can you easily kill the connection of another device to increase the internet speed on your system/device by using WifiKIll for PC Windows Laptop. But it is advisable not to use this software on public wifi (as it may cause you some legal problems in future), you can use it for local wifi like the wifi connection at your home or at your student club.


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